Blockchain Developer

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Киевская область, Киев   →   на карте

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Ompetitive salary;
work on interesting and non-typical projects (by using new technologies);
the possibility of professional and career growth;
modern comfortable office in the city center of Lutsk;
training, attending international conferences and seminars at the expense of the company;
the English language lessons and daily practice at the office;
open, friendly and highly motivated team.

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От 1 года


Must have strong object oriented programming language background, preferebly C++, Go or Python;
experience in working with Blockchain technologies;
ethereum Virtual Machine;
familiarity with using GIT;
unix / Linux advanced user;
understanding the nature of asynchronous programming;
good knowledge of design principles behind a scalable application;
architecture design skills;
experience with Smart Contracts development using Solidity;
knowledge of web servers, etc.;
C1 level of English.


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